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Internal Double Doors Explained

Internal Double Doors Explained

Internal Double Doors Explained

Door pairs or double doors as are they are often known, really do add a touch of style and class to a home and offer many practical benefits to public and commercial properties too.

Popular with interior designers, door pairs are often used to create larger open spaces by putting them between adjoining rooms. This enables the home owner, business or commercial premises to have a choice over their space management. It enables private or smaller spaces where desired and creates an open plan feel when the doors are opened to accommodate more people or to change the feel of a room.  

Create a door pair with a Double Door Dividers

A pair maker is a timber moulding that is fixed to the edge of one door, eliminating the gap that is present with square meeting stiles.

Door pairs with rebated meeting stiles

This option allows for a first class finish, removing the small gap you would see with Square Meeting Stiles. Rebating means removing a section along the vertical edge of each door where they meet to allow them to snugly fit together. Around half the thickness of each door is taken off and when installed they smoothly interlock when closed.

To achieve a satisfactory finish, you need to have the appropriate tools, as well as the necessary skills and experience so this is best left to a door fitting professional.

Important notes:

  • Not all doors can be rebated, as a minimum 15mm lipping around the door edge is required to machine the rebate. 

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